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Well today Goddess new ride....

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Well today Goddess got new Ride... Sound good to me ??

YESS...but i looking slave for Ride for me take me around and XXX Dominatrix ...

+66816487850 Chiang mai only Come to kneel me here..

WE will FUN...

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Here to connect with friends and to learn.

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Here to connect with friends and to learn...I respect people for who they are and can be.. Be respectful when writing..ty I AM NOT INTERESTED IN THE SIZE OF YOUR COCK..

+66816487850 ( Line-Whatspp )

[email protected]

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If you message me.....

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 I will assume you've read my profile, and not just looked at my picture... I'm intelligent, have my own thoughts and ideas, and can express them. I am confident, and independent, and can be assertive when need be... A kind, altruistic, and loving person, I love to please and help people. I strive to present my true and genuine self always to everyone... My primary negative trait is that I tend to procrastinate when I don't want to do something, or need to do something unpleasant or boring... I have a dominant personality vanilla-wise; however, I prefer to be submissive within an intimate relationship... I respect others and their limits, and expect as much in return... I'm emotionally close to my family and have several very good friends, but there is always room for more... I'm especially interested in meeting people who are involved in the local bdsm community....

Goddesskim THAI,

+66816487850  ( Line_whatspp )

[email protected]

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slave is available to wash your floors..

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slave is available to wash your floors, do your laundry, organize your office, move your furniture, vacuum your floors, clean your stove, clean your refrigerator, clean your pantry, organize your clutter, scrub your toilets, clean your shower, scrub your tub, dust your bookshelves and ceiling fans, clean the counters and tables, scrub the floors, scrub the walls, wash the baseboards, vacuum the stairs, remove cobwebs, wash the dishes, alphabetize your library, assist in household maintenance, wash your car, maintain your lawn, maintain your gardens, flowerbeds, and greenhouse, strip and refinish furniture, and anything else you can think of..Yes Mistress need like this...Who can be my Own ??... Goddesskim THAI,

+66816487850 ( line- Whats pp )

[email protected]

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