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I am looking for a genuine loyal obedient submissive

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I am looking for a genuine loyal obedient submissive who isn't afraid to relocate. And who is serious about the lifestyle and I am not lesbian so that means YES guys. And a webcam is required. If you wanna be loved and cherished the L/let's talk and I only seek genuine submissive and slaves and I am a firm loving Domme. I love shopping, movies,reading and staying active. If you are not a lesbian and new lifestyle im Me not only will you find a great teacher and Dominant, but you will become a better submissive in the lifestyle.  If you want a loving firm  Domme, who treats a submissive the way a Domme should treat a submissive with respect and love throw Me a chat. And I only accept genuine ,serious,submissive, who is willing to learn and serious about the lifestyle need apply. Thank you for reading and good luck to A/all...

Goddesskim Thai..

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i am properly deferential to and respectful ...

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i am properly deferential to and respectful of my Mistress, responsive to all commands, and humble as befitting the trusted servant's station i seek. While not a masochist, i understand that my punishment and uses would be wholly at the discretion of my Mistress. My strongest, overriding and ingrained desire is to serve and, through that service, see the pleasure and joy that i've brought to the Mistress at whose feet i kneel and serve. Thank you. 

Are you Fake  ?.. Mistress nerve see a real slave ??...

I am look for real slave.. 

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As far as kinks/fetishes go,

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As far as kinks/fetishes go, I get turned on by pretty much everything, but here is a short list of the top of me head; Age play, ABDL, Ass play, anal toys, bondage, BDSM, cbt, chastity, cum control, diapers, dildos,  play, enemas, exhibitionism, fisting, furries, gender play, gags, humiliation, Latex, Leather, master/slave, making out, puppy play, rimming, S&M, sissy play, sling, underwear, w/s. Ask me if you have any questions I'm sure we can find something that both of us have in common to have fun with...



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Babe + School girl shose

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Yesterday i have  babe slave come visit me

and we met the Shopping mall for my school girl,

He love me were School girl and shock , and he he enjoy kiss laying on my Strong legs + school girl wearing

(( He no like Have any SEX ))... only enjoy laying + kiss my shoes,

BUTTTT.... I Rape him 555....why not he my tool ??..

I was on top and ride him YESS............HE SUCK MY TITS ,  I CUM .....i nerve on top a man and CUMM.. This's  may be 2 time IN MY LIFE .... I did.. YESS..

He huge & kiss 7 Suck my tits like babe me longer its make me full feel horny ??... He came the right way ..

He good boy babe slave ... xoxo 



+66816487850   ( Line + whatspp )

[email protected]

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